Fred and Shirley


You know I used to be the person people would ask about new technology.  Heck when I got my first "real" job they were using mainframe computers so I ran out and bought a Commodore 128, the top of the line home computer at the time.  I got it with a 1 gig hard drive even though the salesman said I should go for the 4.  I thought how would I ever use up even the 1.
But in the last few years technology has really gotten away from me.  So I find myself here, trying out setting up a blog.  Why?  I don't know.  I doubt anyone would ever visit it or be interested.  I just thought it was time for me to try something new.  Yea I know....blogging is not new.  But it is for me.
So here I am, sitting in lovely eastern Tennessee, stuck in the house because a whole 1 1/2" of snow fell and they've never heard of salt here.  And rather than work on my quilt, or try a new recipe I am writing on this no one but myself.  
To be continued.....


The Love of My Life

 This is Fred....the sweetest, nicest, most loving man I have ever know.  He truly is the love of my life.  He brings me up when I am down.  He laughs along with me and holds me tight when I cry.  He tells me all my recipes taste great, until I give him "the look" and they he tells me the truth.   We are starting to think a lot alike, many times finding out we are thinking the same thing at the same time.  That just tickles Fred.  He loves my kids and grandkids as if they were his own.  And they love him back so very much.  I am so blessed to have him in my life.

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  1. Yea!!! You found out how to make pages! We love you both very much!