Saturday, March 12, 2011

What a Winter

What a winter this has been.  Fred and I were both sick for 3 weeks and it still hasn't ended for Fred.  He's had to endure 2 procedures for shots in his back, 3 on each side and with that not giving the amount of relief they had hoped for he then had to endure 2 procedures to burn the nerve endings in his back.  This seems to be working and should last 18 months or more.  He's also had to have his stomach procedures for his "watermelon" stomach, which basically was the lining of his stomach was bleeding.  The first procedure they used a flat paddle that went in and cauterized the entire lining of his stomach.  Then 30 days later he went in and they used a pencil laser to zap any small places they missed.  The good thing about all of this?  The doctor said it looked way better than expected and he just wants to see him in 3 months to do a check and that should be that.  And if all that weren't enough I had to take him to the ER last Monday with severe abdominal pain on his right side.  Come to find out after 6 hours in the ER he has a kidney stone.  It's the size where they say he might be able to pass it or he might not.  The soonest we could get him in to see a urologist is the 23rd of March and then he could only get in to see the nurse practitioner, not the doctor himself.  And of course with all of this he's constipated.  He went last night (after a few embarassing procedures I had to do) the first time since Monday morning.  So if you will please say a prayer for my Fred that he might find some relief.  With all this warm weather coming up we want to get the garden in full swing and get the boat ready.  I feel so bad for's a happy picture of him...I hope he's back to his ol' self soon!

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  1. Tell Fred we all hope he feels better soon! Pilgrim says if he eats more hay it will clear that constipation right up!=)