Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Well with the warmer weather and all the flowers, forsythia, red buds and bradford pears in bloom we got the bug to get out and do something.  Fred is finally feeling better.  He finally listened to me telling him that if he got up and started moving he'd start to feel better.  He did and he does.  The only problem now is that he is very weak from having been idle all winter so he is taking it a little at a time.  He's really doing good!  Stronger every day.  We had our neighbor and best friend Bill come over and cut down these awful trees we had in the back yard.  They would have these nut like pods grown on them in bunches like grapes and make a real mess all over the yard.  Plus the berry that popped out of the pod is suppose to be poisonous.  So Bill cut them down and then cut them up into smaller pieces.  I've been moving them some each day.  I've also got the garden all weeded and cut down ready to be tilled.  Fred took the tiller in for a tuneup and today he went to Lowe's and bought 40 bags of cow manure and several bags of sand.  I unloaded the bags throughout the garden but didn't open them yet.  We are suppose to get heavy rain and wind later today and I didn't want all the nutrients leaching out in just one spot where the bag lay.  While Fred was in town picking up the bags I hauled away 11 loads of wood from the trees.  So we are bushed but excited....ready to get that garden in.  Once it dries out from this rain coming we will be in there tilling and planting.  I already have peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, brussel sprouts and several herbs planted in pots in my little back deck greenhouse.  And you know what?  I think I've decided that I finally like living in Tennessee!  Never thought I'd say that.

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  1. I'll place my order now: green peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Oh and maybe some radishes and green onions. =)