Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Introducing Lincoln

 This is our new baby Lincoln.  He is a 9 week old Boston Terrier.  Isn't he just too cute?  We had a terrible time trying to name him.  At first I thought of Cracker Jack so we would have Peanut and Cracker Jack, but Fred wasn't fond of that one.  Then I thought of Bugsy Malone.  That was ok but didn't really ring any bells for either of us.  Then Mary came up with Baby Face Nelson and it seemed to fit perfectly except for one minor problem.  Every time I went to call him "Lincoln" came out of my mouth.  So Fred said that there is a reason for that so we should just name him Lincoln and we have.  And he seems to have taken to it quite readily so I guess we made the right choice.
 Even though my boots are nearly as big as he is Lincoln is not deterred.  He does seem to catch on to things quickly, such as the word no.  And if he is chewing something and sees me coming towards him he runs and chews as fast as he possibly can.  But all in all he's been a very good boy.  He sleeps in his crate at night and doesn't make a sound.  He is getting potty trained little by little and yesterday he rang the bell!  Only he rang it when he came in from going potty, not to let me know he wanted to go out!
Well at least we know he can ring it!

 Peanut was put off by the new puppy for maybe the first 24 hours but they have quickly become best buds, playing for hours at a time.  In fact it is Lincoln who gives out first and goes off to take some nap time before Peanut is ready to stop.  They play tug of war, It, and Hide and Seek.  Fred and I have actually been watching TV and turned the TV off to watch these two play.
OC has been very good with Lincoln.  Now anyone that knows OC knows that our big boxer Ruby is so scared of him.  Well I guess OC is that way with dogs bigger than he is.  Because OC is really good with Peanut and now with Lincoln.  They play together, sleep together and relax on Mom together!
I haven't included a picture yet of Lincoln and Ruby yet.  They are still working things out.  Ruby definately is not happy with the new puppy but we've only had a few incidents where we've had to intervene.  Hopefully as time goes on they will become fast friends also.  I can't wait for Dwight and Faith to get over here and see him.  I know Faith is going to go nuts over him!  We sure have!

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  1. He's so cute. Faith is driving me nuts asking when she gets to go see him! At least she could see these pics of him!