Saturday, January 15, 2011


SNOW! Yes, it's pretty.  But when we moved here we were told...."if you get snow you won't be able to go anywhere but just wait until the next day and it will melt and be gone".  Perfect.  I get to enjoy the beauty of it and really not be concerned with it.  Well that lasted a few years, but not this year!  We've had more snow in one week than we usually get in an entire winter.  The poor kids lost a whole week of school before Christmas break and then another whole week after.  I know, I know it doesn't look like much, and it really isn't.  The problem is that the roads here have a few problems.  There are so many extremely steep grades along with the roads are sloped incorrectly, no shoulders, no guard rails and drop offs that are 100 to 150' down.  Match that with the fact that our county will only use gravel, no salt and that many of the roads don't get a lot of sun and you have us being stuck inside for a LONG time!  Now I do have to give credit, the mail lady made it here all but one day.   The UPS man on the other hand...grrrrrrr.  I had my embroidery machine and serger coming and it was on his truck all week, not arriving until Thursday.  Oh well, this too shall pass and in a few weeks when it starts to climb into the 50's again, we will have our coffee on the front porch and we will forget it ever bothered us this much. 

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  1. Our arena is still covered in snow! The field is melting but just turning to mud! Florida is sounding awfully nice right about now!